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Touch & Go Music was founded in 1989.

The publishing company's owner and founder is Kurt Roehrken, among other songwriters he publishes
the catalogue of the composer- and producer-team Klarmann/Weber.
Since this composer-team mainly writes songs for the international market, it was logical to focus the
centre of interest in the Uk and the United States, and to extend the publishing work there.

Right in the beginning it was obvious that this goal could only be achieved with the help of an internationally
successful Major-Publisher.
After thorough talks about main objectives, an ideal partner was found in Warner/Chappell Music Germany.
During the first years Touch & Go Music concentrated on building up the song catalogue. This was done by
offering the songs to international projects.

First successes have already been achieved. In 1993 for example, Chaka Khan covered the song "Love You
All My Lifetime" for her Comeback-Album "The Woman I Am" and chose it to be the first single.
Also in 1993 Touch & Go Music started to build the "Touch & Go Studio" in Hassfurt, Germany.

The studio was finished in 1994 and enabled the Klarmann/Weber-team - which is associated with Touch & Go
Music- to produce internationally accepted projects.
First productions (Beverley Knight "The B-Funk") were finished the following year.
At the same time Touch & Go Music managed to place the Klarmann/Weber Copyright "Iīll Be There" with the
internationally renowned Dance-Act "La Bouche".

Touch & Go Music had successful international releases for artists e.g. Leo Sayer, Paul Anka, Wilson Philipps,
Cathy Troccoli, La Toya Jackson, Le Click, Sally Oldfield, Randy Crawford etc.
Furthermore Touch & Go Music is co-operating with several other, carefully selected, songwriters from other genres
of music. For some of these songwriters successful placements have already been achieved.

Many other projects are currently being worked on - now with Touch & Go Musicīs own artists.