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Irmgard Klarmann and Felix Weber have been working together for about twelve years. They write and perform their songs in their
new studio in Hassfurt/Germany. Since last year Klarmann/Weber have been working more and more in the UK.
Klarmann/Weber have already had succesful international releases, e.g. with Chaka Khan, Randy Crawford, Paul Anka, Tracie Spencer,
The Braxtons (former group of Toni Braxton), Penny Ford, Kathy Troccoli, Expose and La Bouche.

In 1993 Klarmann/Weber received the ASCAP R&B Award for their song "Love You All My Lifetime" sung by Chaka Khan.
Klarmann/Weber have been co-writing many songs in London with several songwriters, e.g. Paul Moessl,
Skip Scarborough, Tracy Ackerman and artists such as Berverly Knight, Sinclair, Richard Anthony Davis, Stex, Alysha Warren,
Simon Fung (China Black), Judy Cheeks...
Some of the tracks that were written in London have been finished and produced in their own studio in Germany afterwards.

The following placements have already been achieved, e.g.:

La Toya Jackson: Bad Girl, He´s So Good To Me, Pianoman, You Keep My Restless Heart

Seiko: He´s So Good To Me

Tracie Spencer: Symptoms Of True Love

Lory Bianco: Heartbreaker, Just A Rumour, Love Ain´t Money

Mandy Winter: Sweeter Than Me, The Fire Still Burns Two Lovers, Here Were Are

Charlotte Roel: Ain´t No Getting Over You, Get Me Right, Let Your Love Conquer Anything

Beverley Knight: Remedy, U´ve Got It

Alexis: Lonely People, Close To Heaven

Kiwi & Tess: My Heart Is No Liar, Show Your Love

Berny Paul/Bo Anderson - Koreana - Joan Orleans: Reach Out For The Stars

Andrew White: Sarah

La Bouche - Kathy Troccoli - Penny Ford (Ex-Snap singer): I´ll Be There
The chart-album from LA BOUCHE "Sweet Dreams" (incl. the Klarmann/Weber- track "I'll Be There") sold over 1.000.000 copies in U.S.A.
and worldwide over 4.000.000 copies!

Melanie Marshall: Love Is The Power

Alice: Here I Am

G. Marchena: Time For Lovers

Paul Anka: Turning My Mind To You

Jennifer Rush: For All That

B.J. Nelson (produced by Robert Palmer):Measure This Love (Measureless Love)

The Braxtons (former group of Toni Braxton): Good Life

Sheree: Forever You - Forever Me

Leo Sayer: I Will Fight For You

Chaka Khan (No. 1 Hot Dance Music Billboard charts, ASCAP R&B Award 1993): Love You All My Lifetime

Randy Crawford (R&B Single Charts #74): A Lot That You Can Do

Exposé: Touch And Go

Vanessa Amorosi: Dream, By My Side

SoulTans: I'd Rather Go Blind

Sista Sista: All songs on the girl group's Album "Jump Sista, Jump Mista" are mainly written and produced by
Klarmann/Weber at the Touch & Go Studio in Hassfurt

Le Click: On the album of German projekt LE CLICK "Tonight Is The Night" are two Klarmann/Weber copyrights

Furthermore there is a back catalogue of more than 250 songs available.