Studio Profile


The studio - built in 1994 - is different from many other studios. Itīs friendly colors, the bright daylight in all rooms and the modern equipment make it an ideal place for internationally labeled productions.

Studio Equipment List

Drum modules:

Roland R70, Yamaha RM50, Sequential Studio 440 (Sampler)


Yamaha DX7IIFD, Ensoniq VFX, Roland JX8P, Yamaha TX802,Prophet 2000 (Sampler), Korg 01WproX, EMU Proteus 1, EMU Proteus 2, EMU Orbit, EMU Proformance (Piano module), EMUIIIXP (16 MB ram / Syndrive / Apple CD-Rom), Waldorf Microwave, Yamaha TX7, Yamaha FB01, Oberheim Matrix 1000 (2x), SE-1 (Mini-Moog Rack version), Korg M1R, Oberheim DPX-1 Sample-player (2x), Roland D550, Samick Grand Piano.


Atari Mega ST4 (for sequencing and sound library) Atari Mega STE2 (for mixing automation)


Notator Logic (sequencing), Sound Diver (sound lib.) Supertrue (desk automation), Sound Tools II (Cutting, sound editing etc.)


Amek Hendrix 40 channels inline with Virtual Dynamics (gates, compressors, panner etc.) and Supertrue Automation.


Eventide H3000, SPL Vitalizer, SPL-Deesser, Lexicon PCM70, Ensoniq DP4, BBE Maximizer, Tubetech mic. pre-amp, Tubetech PE1C EQ, Drawmer compressor, Urei 1178C compressor, Roland R880 reverb.

Additionally different outboard gear like microphones, DAT Recorders etc.

Take a close look at the Amek Hendrix Console!

See Klarmann/Weber in action in their studio!